Doing the Work of An Evangelist

12038305_428684963923018_882958006612772849_n A mightily used man of God, and effective evangelist, Dr. John R. Rice once stated,"How we do need a big crop of old-time Bible preaching, sin-condemning, Spirit-filled, soul-winning evangelists! Not only do lost sinners need the ministry of evangelists; the churches everywhere desperately need the impact and influence and ministry of evangelists. God knew what he was doing when he gave in the churches evangelists!" Evangelist Justin Cooper was born in 1983 in Ripley, WV. He was raised in Spencer, WV in a Christian home and his family were and are active members of their local church congregation. Following graduation from high school Dr. Cooper attended Fairmont State University where he graduated with a BAED in 2006.

In the summer of 2005 Dr. Cooper joined Cornerstone Independent Baptist Church in Newton, WV.  During the fall semester of his senior year in college, while reading his mother's King James Bible and a tract written by John R. Rice, the Holy Spirit spoke to Dr. Cooper's heart and showed him his need of a Savior and the importance of living a life that was centered around pleasing and honoring the Lord Jesus Christ. On July 29, 2006 Evangelist Cooper married his wife Desarae who had been attending Bible college in Florida. The two moved to Charlotte, NC where they both worked in Christian education. It was while Dr. Cooper was in a Sunday morning  church service that the Lord gripped his heart through the preaching of the inspired, preserved Word of God and called him to the Gospel ministry. Within a week of surrendering and announcing his calling, Dr. Cooper began preaching and holding services at various churches in multiple states. Since that time the Lord has continued to use and bless the ministry of Evangelist Justin Cooper with souls saved and saints stirred in local independent Baptist churches across America.

Dr. and Mrs. Cooper make their home in Lexington, KY and are members of the Clays Mill Road Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Jeff Fugate. With a burden for the souls of men and a heart for evangelism and desire to see a great revival once again in America, Dr. Cooper is striving to follow in the footsteps of those faithful, fervent and fiery fundamental preachers of yesterday that helped blaze the revival trail. Since surrendering to the call of God, Evangelist Justin Cooper has been privileged to conduct revival meetings in many churches across the country, as well as conferences, camp meetings, tent revivals and Christian school /youth meetings. In 2009 the Lord opened a door for Dr. Cooper to host a weekly radio broadcast, "Striving for Revival" aired every Saturday on the Fundamental Broadcasting Network. In 2010 Evangelist Cooper was awarded a second bachelors degree, this time from Midwestern Baptist College in Orion, MI. Evangelist Cooper is also a published author with two books currently available for purchase at all of his revival meetings and through the Sword of the Lord. In 2013 Dr. Cooper received a Doctor of Divinity degree.


The Lord is using the pulpit ministry of Evangelist Justin Cooper literally across the nation and outside of America's borders. Please join with us in prayer for revival as we endeavor to preach God's inspired and preserved Word and proclaim without

reservation that revival can happen, Jesus saves, and that the old paths are still the "good way" for this generation!